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How silly of me;
to let a piece of paper
get under my skin
to get under my skin
as if it was a snake
seeking warmth in this cold body of mine
Am I so undesirable?
Am I so detestable?
Am I?
How silly of me;
I know that my inner turmoil
will sooner or later
end my life.
I just don't know which choice I choose:
To die by my own hand
or to let others decide for me.
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 1 6
You said that you're
a writer.
But how come
I can't see
any crimson lines
you've wrote?
And I look at you;
with this empty
eyes full of regret,
and I say with even
emptier voice:
"What is it to you?
You are not a reader.
And you sure as Hell
wouldn't understand
my words.
For they are raw;
and you are cold.
Colder than any snow could be.
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 3 0
My heart
I love you
since I was little
I always thought
that saying these words
was silly.
if I ever fell in love
I wouldn't use
only three puny words
to describe my feelings.
So, my future heart
don't feel sad
if I don't say I love you
Because I would use
more colored, nicer, lovelier words
and I would use them in such a way
that, maybe, I would be able to
make your heart soar
with feelings.
Because my heart 
would still be beating
just because of you.
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 7 3
My mind is like a mirror
on which someone breathed at;
I say to myself
Sitting alone in my room
looking at a stupid
piece of paper
marked with red pen
as if it screamed:
"You are a mistake! Nuisance! Idiot!"
It's wet now,
I realize pitifully:
I destroyed it.
Like every chance I've ever had.
Sitting alone in my room
looking at the, now, destroyed
piece of madness
I say to myself, pitifully, as always:
Just turn to stone, my darling. No one can help now.
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 2 0
I left it
Hello all.
Ha, another useless.. journal entry. I find it hard that I have not stopped using deviantart yet. I would probably have done something to myself if I didn't have this account. 
I would... I don't know what I would do. 
You remember that one poem? About my best friend? I dreamed about him... 2 nights now. And I know, I know, I should stop with it because it is in the past now and I need to let past sleep...
I think I'm changing again.
I don't like it. 
I cried again.
I'm so weak, I barely eat and my family is giving me the silent treatment...
No, I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm not looking for pat on the back. I'm looking for something but I don't know what. And sometimes.. sometimes I'm so sad that I live where I live.. that it makes me cry. Because if I lived closer to the people I love, I would be better.
Or I would end up like my friend.
I miss him... I miss him... God how I miss him...
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 1 12
I wanted to sing once.
As I was sitting on the table
and looking out of the window
of my room
Soft tears fell into
my mug full of tomato soup
I began to murmur an old song of mine
As I was sitting on the table
I began to realize
that maybe, just maybe
there is someone out there
who can be my home
I realized, too late, that I don't have a home
and I started to sing an old song of mine
Because even flies can cry
when they trespass into a kingdom
full of spiders.
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 4 0
Hayley Williams WIP by anabdero Hayley Williams WIP :iconanabdero:anabdero 2 3 Slovak proverb no.3 by PongIsIT Slovak proverb no.3 :iconpongisit:PongIsIT 13 4
They've cut my wings off,
I said to you, Will they grow back?
And you looked straight
into my eyes
and with solemn voice you've said
I don't think so.
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 8 17
They always told me
"hey, babe, when you make a mistake
only you can fix it"
surprisingly, those mistakes
they wanted me to fix
were never mine
But I still tried
to fix those
problems others caused
I let myself be beaten
screamed at
I just let them do this to me
And when people look into my eyes now
when they see that I already forgot how to smile
that I flinch and nearly run when someone tries to touch me
they ask me why I'm so empty and selfish
yet this all is their fault
and I'm trying to fix it
but I can't.
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 2 3
Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) Test 2 by devils-daughterJJ Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) Test 2 :icondevils-daughterjj:devils-daughterJJ 4 2
Day terrors
You know that feeling when you wake up and you still wish that you were still asleep?
Because your dreams and
even your nightmares
have some silly appeal to you
And the day scares you the most
because even when you are
in a room full of people
you are alone
and lonely

And I don't know which is worse
because I'm only nineteen
and I already feel so tired of this thing
I call life
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 6 9
I regret most things;
even those, those, which weren't
my fault
I'm a different kind
of a person
I was told that I
shouldn't have any regrets
but I have far too many
Regrets of options
I never have had
Regrets of love
yet there are only
a few
And yet
my sad, sad mind sometimes
can't, won't let me
fall asleep
And I always find myself
nearly drowned in self-pity
and I appear cold
but I'm just lonely
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 4 7
Useless stuff you should know about me
I was sitting alone in my dorm room and well, I got bored so I was thinking that well.. why don't I make some weird, silly questions I try to answer? And if you people have more questions just :star: write a comment :star: !!
So let's start this!
1- How old are you : 19
2- When is your b-day : 17th of August
3- Why is your nick PongIsIT : Because... Ping and Pong xD
4- Natural hair color : It's ash brown, in some places it's white :meow: but it started to change to auburn (I am a sick sick child and because of that I look like a mutant)
5- Are you dating someone : No... no time for romance or love, I'm studying!! Also, pst, but I identify as asexual :meow:
6- What is the one food you hate : Not food, only one vegetable... broccoli. 
7- Have
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 1 12
Trust is feeble
That's what I am.
But you still
shouldn't use it
against me.
:iconpongisit:PongIsIT 5 0
The vicious creature and the dinosaur by PongIsIT The vicious creature and the dinosaur :iconpongisit:PongIsIT 6 16



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